Roots of Resistance

Roots of Resistance

I’ve signed up to Roots of Resistance who ask:

About DSEI

Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) is an arms fair held every two years in London Docklands, which is attended by both arms company representatives and military delegations from around the world. Each time it takes place, it draws protests from campaigners, politicians and civil society – particularly as many of the regimes invited to buy arms are also accused of human-rights abuses and breaching international humanitarian law.

DSEI is held every two years and is one of the world’s largest arms fairs

The arms fair sells all manner of weapons from small arms to tanks and planes as well as surveillance and crowd control equipment.

It’s purpose is simple, to profit from war.

And when there’s war suffering, violence and human rights abuses are never far behind.

Why must the worldwide arms industry promulgate such death and destruction spending billions in the process when such greater threats such as climate change and world hunger offer an immediate challenge that our resources demand?

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